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Introducing the best high qualified dental studio in Murmansk-Russia Federation


your smile matters to us!!

Best service for your money

Our highly competitive prices with the rest of Europe and "state of the art" technologies joined with the best materials on the market assure our customers they are getting the best service for their money. Hundreds of satisfied customers, from the highest administrative levels in our Region to northern Russia top managers and businessmen, are the best testimonials of our jobs.

Count on us

Count on the tremendous experience of two the best MD dentist stomatologist in the Russia Federation:

Dr Olga Gadukina

Since 20 years working at the Murmansk Regional Stomatologist Clinic as chief cosmetic dentist. American Dental Academy professional specializations in Germany-Kultzer AG, Moscow and St Peterburg. Clients such as the Governor of Murmansk Region Mr Yuri Evdokimov.

Dr Olga Ponomarenko

Since 15 years top orthodontist at the Regional Stomatologist Clinic at Murmansk. Professional specializations in Moscow and St Peterburg.

Our extra services include:

We offer family dental plans, special treatments for kids, and a 24 hrs customer support, plus other customized services on demand.

Email us for scheduling a free check-up or a visit for treatment and then ask your travel agency to help you in booking the flights, we will be happy to welcome you in Murmansk then.

LuxDent of Murmansk,

Your way to look the best !